BestInfoSite Buyer's Guide

Please watch out. Vendors can be nasty and deceiving. They try to hide the truth or be outright misleading in whatever way possible. The following nformation may be of value as examples.

Lexmar C510 Laser Printer

Lexmar C510 Laser Printer is advertised on Lexmark's website as 2400 x 2400 dpi image quality printer. There is no where on their website or any downloadable pdf document it mentions the "true optical dpi". Considering the low price I was very suspicious. At it stated 600 x 600 dpi. That I believe is the true dpi. Be careful about misleading dpi values for color laser printers, other printers, scanners, digital cameras, etc. Always find out the "true optical resolution" or "optical resolution". Same applies to zoom for digital camera. You want to know the "optical zoom" and not the digital zoom!

For Lexmark C510 website writes:
Max Resolution ( B&W ) - 600 dpi x 600 dpi
Max Resolution ( Color ) - 600 dpi x 600 dpi
Image Enhancement Technology - 2400 IQ

However, the Lexmark website will try to deceive you and think the true resolution is 2400 x 2400!


1. If filename has special characters, it silently changes to non-special character PERMANENTLY! Unable to restore the original name anymore.
2. Backup files broken into maximum junks of 2GB. Does not allow a single giant back up file.
3. Allows incremental back up but does not allow periodic synchronization. Thus periodically if you want to delete "extra files" in the backup set, i.e., target you cannot. An extra file simply could be because you moved it from one place to another. In this situation, the target backup set will have multiple copies of it in incremental mode even if rollback is disabled.
4. Does not allow "Normal Backup" in synchronization mode. In normal backup it copies everything once again even if files are unchanged. Does not allow the option to backup only changed files while "deleting" "extra/outdated" files that you have deleted from source (or moved to another directory!).



I thoroughly searched Apples music site to find out if their music file art 128Kbps or higher. They seem to want to hide that information because guess what, it is 128Kbps and there is no option for any higher quality! 128Kbps is good to almost very good but not excellent!


Lately vendors has started to use the name of brand name manufacturers like Maxtor to sell White Label or Brown Box or OEM hard drives. These have no warranty what so ever through Maxtor. Typically they give warranty from 15 days to 3 years, charged extra and again vendor specific and not through Maxtor. They go far enough to even use Maxtor's Model Numbers! Many times they do not clarify this on their website. If you see warranty anything other than "3 years manufacturers warranty", please question them. General advise is that even if a misleading / misrepresenting vendor actually charges less, still avoid them because honesty is very important and we should reward honest people.